Rick & Patti Love – Discipling New Canadians as they Learn English: A Three-Stage Process (2019)

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Speakers: Rick and Patti Love

Organization: Love New Canadians

Seminar Description:
This seminar focuses on the disciple-making emphasis in our 3-stage pathway to Jesus for immigrants:

  • helping new Canadians settle well
  • learning about the life and teaching of Jesus while studying Canadian culture and English language
  • maturing in faith through Bible study and discussion

Speakers' Biographies:
Rick Love is the director of Love New Canadians, a ministry that helps local churches develop pathways to Jesus for immigrants in their neighbourhood. Patti Love is Pastor of Intercultural Ministries at Foothills Alliance Church in Calgary. They have worked cross culturally for 23 years.

Concentration: Local Mission & Church Planting