Raymond Robyn – No One Leaves Alone—Prison Impact (2019)

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Speaker: Raymond Robyn

Organization: M2/W2 Association

Seminar Description:
M2W2 responds to the Christian call to “remember those in prison” (Heb 13:3). Come to hear how for over 50 years, volunteers have been relating to inmates, offering them friendship, hope, and support during incarceration and continuing to mentor as they are released and transition back into society.

Speaker's Biography:
Raymond Robyn has been Executive Director of M2/W2 Association since 2014. Originally from South Africa, he has been a missionary and church planter in several countries around the world serving 27 years with Operation Mobilization. Raymond is committed to M2W2’s mission of impacting those in prison for Christ.

Concentration: Local Mission & Church Planting

Seminar Series: Justice: Social/Enviromental