Learning Circle – "SOGI from a Discipleship Perspective" (2019)

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Speakers: Paul Dirks, Paul Kane, Doris Mah. Facilitator: Claudia Rossetto

Organization: Missions Fest Vancouver, New West Community Church, and others

Seminar Description:
Learn about SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) from different experiential perspectives so that as followers of Jesus we can better listen to God and to each other’s stories to engage and converse with this public issue as mature disciples of Christ in our own contexts.

Speakers' Biographies:

  • Paul Dirks is a husband, father of five, and lead pastor at New West Community Church. He has read over 500 peer-reviewed medical journal articles and trained medical professionals, teachers, and churches on the topics of sexuality and gender. He has also appeared before the Senate on Bill C-16. 
  • Paul Kane works as a public school teacher in Burnaby where he is the SOGI lead teacher for his site. He is passionate about using the topic of SOGI to spark discussions around identity, intersectionality, and care for all. He is a fan of Fred Rogers, Keith Green, and Henri Nouwen. 
  • Doris Mah is a parent with three children. She co-founded "Fostering Common Space" for Christians to dialogue about sexuality and religion. Also a member of: the Burnaby District Parent Advisory Committee and the Burnaby Eastburn Interagency Committee. Currently working for a Member of Parliament and pursuing an MA in Leadership, Theology and Society at Regent College.
  • Dr. Claudia Rossetto (facilitator) is the Church Relations and Seminars Coordinator at Missions Fest Vancouver. Over her 14 years of work at Missions Fest she has seen the great value of dialogue for the sake of furthering God’s Kingdom within the church and beyond.

Concentration: Justice (Social & Environmental)