Kristjen Hull – How Can We Help Children Without Families? (2019)

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Speaker: Kristjen Hull

Organization: ABBA Canada Foundation

Seminar Description:
Did you know that early Christians were known for adopting babies that had been left outside the city to die? Over the years, we’ve handed the responsibility over to the government. It’s time for the Church to step back up! Not every Christian can or will adopt, but come explore your role!

Speaker's Biography:
Kristjen Hull is the director of ABBA Canada Foundation, which seeks to connect, equip and mobilize the Canadian Church to care for the orphan through adoption and foster care education and providing adoption grants. Kristjen and his wife are adoptive parents and live in Langley with their 4 beautiful children.

Concentration: Justice (Social & Environmental)

Seminar Series: Justice: Social/Enviromental