Ivy Clark – Reclaim Your Purpose: From Stress to Strength! (2021)

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Speaker: Ivy Clark

Organization: LeaderImpact

Seminar Description: 
Chronic stress and exhaustion does not have the last word. Learn how to: 1) reclaim your purpose by calibrating four vital principles, 2) uncover the root of feeling weary and burdened, and 3) regain the resilient strength and hope that awaits you!

Speaker's Biography:

Ivy has led organizational community engagement strategies, advocacy, and she mentors men and women, who desire to rise strong and believe in the power to change. She has worked in media companies, hosted a live radio program, led marketing projects for Canadian national companies, as well as leadership roles in non-profit organizations in both Toronto and Greater Vancouver areas (including United Way, Heart & Stroke Foundation of TO, YWCA, Power to Change).

A former season of single-motherhood and unspeakable hardship has equipped her with in-depth insights on how to reclaim her purpose, dignity, strength and resilient hope, amidst weariness, burden and turmoil. Ivy deeply understands what it is to battle stress and exhaustion with the limited amount of support, energy and resources available. But she also knows where real strength and hope can be found!

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