Damian Gerke – What If...? A New (Ancient) Vision for Church As We Know It (2022)

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Speaker: Damian Gerke

Organization: 1Body Church

Seminar Description:
What if there's a biblical alternative to church as we know it that’s more fruitful, works in any culture, requires minimal resources and staff and needs no building? If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because the current wineskin (paradigm) of church won’t allow it. There is a better way.

This seminar was #3 in a series of 4 on Disciple Making topics.

Speaker's Biography:
Damian is a leadership coach and author of In the Way: Church As We Know It Can Be a Discipleship Movement (Again). He is an elder at 1Body Church, a decentralized network of disciple-making simple churches in Tampa, Florida. He has served in pastoral ministry positions in the US and Canada.