Christian Insaidoo – Transformational Missions: A Call to Intentionally Disciple Indigenous People (2019)

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Speaker: Christian Insaidoo

Organization: Operation Mobilisation Ghana

Seminar Description:
Over 2 billion people are yet to be reached with the Gospel. There is a huge number of nominals in the Church. What does this imply and how should we respond? Christian nations are losing the status as Christian nations – what implications are there for the Church, how do we prevent this?

Speaker's Biography:
Born on Nov 03, 1975 in Ghana, where he lives. Christian received Jesus Christ in 1993. He has served in missions since 1996 when he founded Rural Evangelism Crusaders to reach out to the unreached communities with the vision to see Christ made known, believed, loved and served. He is married and has a BA in Theology, student at SATS.

Concentration: Gospel Proclamation