Cameron Roxburgh – Planting Missional Communities (2019)

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Speaker: Cameron Roxburgh

Organization: Forge Canada/Southside Community Church

Seminar Description:
This seminar looks at the importance of structuring our churches around the planting of missional communities in local neighbourhoods. The church is formed around mission, shaped by practices and empowered by the Spirit as it is sent into local mission fields.

Speaker's Biography:
Cam Roxburgh is the National Director of Forge Canada, the VP of Missional Initiatives for the North American Baptists, and the Senior Pastor of Southside Community Church. Cam has taught at a number of seminaries and does speaking and consulting in Missional Theology, Ecclesiology and Leadership. He has been a local Pastor for 26 years.

Concentration: Local Mission & Church Planting

Seminar Series: Into the Neighbourhood