Bryana Russell – Creating Sanctuary: Mental Health in Ministry and Discipleship (2022)

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Speaker: Bryana Russell

Organization: Sanctuary Mental Health

Seminar Description:
Attending to one's own mental health and accompanying those who are living with mental health challenges are an important part of every ministry. Explore ways in which we can foster a gospel informed approach to mental health, as we journey together in community.

Speaker's Biography:
Bryana Russell, MATS, has worked as a consultant, speaker, and connector in the non-profit sector, including church ministries, for the past two decades. Bryana currently serves as the Engagement Manager for Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries.


Important: for the video version of this seminar, please make sure to download it to a device that has at least 1.4 GB of free storage, on an internet connection that doesn't have strict data transfer restrictions.