Arkadiy Naydonov – War and the Advancement of the Gospel (2022)

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Speaker: Arkadiy Naydonov

Organization: International Messengers

Seminar Description:
In 2014 Russia annexed a part of Ukrainian territories and invaded the Eastern part of Ukraine. Ukraine faced a crisis which it was unprepared for, not only in a military sense but also in a social sense. Church stepping in and helping with the crisis relief served the advancement of the Gospel.

Speaker's Biography:
Born in 1980, became a believer in 1992 through Danish missionaries. Arkadiy has a M.S. in process control engineering, and a M.A. from Talbot, Biola. He is married, with 2 kids and one on the way, and is a Lieutenant in the reserves.


Important: for the video version of this seminar, please make sure to download it to a device that has at least 1.5 GB of free storage, on an internet connection that doesn't have strict data transfer restrictions.