Alex Dykstra – Is there Good News for the Workplace? (2021)

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Speaker: Alex Dykstra

Organization: MoveIn

Seminar Description: 
In this seminar we consider how to share the good news about Jesus at work, using a few passages in Colossians and Matthew to draw out principles for how we might approach faith in the workplace. Included are reflections from Christians working in diverse workplace environments, and some useful resources and references for further exploration.  

Speaker's Biography: 
Alex is excited and intrigued by the challenge of sharing the gospel in whatever context he may find himself working. His previous marketplace experience includes fast food restaurants and landscaping (both in Ontario and BC), interning with World Vision in Senegal, West Africa, developing social enterprises and being a clinical addictions counselor. Alex joined MoveIn in 2020 and continues his counselling practice with Foundry. He resides in Burnaby with his wife Belinda and 2 (almost 3) children.

Concentration: Gospel Proclamation