Abraham Elavatta – "Gospel Transformation: Graveyard into Vineyard" (2019)

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Speaker: Abraham Elavatta

Organization: Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Center

Seminar Description:
A place known for centuries as the "Graveyard of Missions" turned into a vineyard of the Lord, planting 51 churches, 1600 house churches, Bible college, 5 schools, 2 orphanages, a Christian book stall, and a shirt company.

Speaker's Biography:
Abraham lives in India, and is a native of Kerala, South India. He came to the Lord in 1979 in a supernatural way at the point of committing suicide, by hearing a voice to read the Bible and got the verses from Eccl. 7:16-18 that led him to faith. Then according to His call, Abraham became a missionary to Bihar for 34 years and planted 51 churches.

Concentration: Going Global - Cross Cultural Mission