Zach Duke – Hear, Obey, Spread: the Foundation and Rhythm of Discipleship (2022)

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Hearing and Obeying is at the heart of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and we can learn a lot about what it means to hear God and follow through in obedience from Jesus' example in the Gospels. Without a grounding relationship with God with the growing ability to discern His voice, our actions will bear no fruit... but it doesn't stop there. Learn from Zach through scripture, personal stories, and tools you can put into practice in daily life, what fuels a life of effective discipleship—both being discipled and discipling others.

Important: for the video version of this plenary session, please make sure to download it to a device that has at least 780 MB of free storage, on an internet connection that doesn't have strict data transfer restrictions.

Zach Duke is a disciple and lover of Jesus first and foremost. In ministry, Zach serves as Global Catalyst for Biglife, making disciples both at home and across many nations. He is serving with 24:14 as one of the North American Facilitators. Zach is the founder of the International Leadership Academy for children; a songwriter and music manager; and even more importantly, a husband to his beautiful wife Megan and father to his four precious kids: Malia, Natalie, Judah, and JJ. They live near Indianapolis, Indiana and their family enjoys the great outdoors, leading worship, and building up strong leaders.