Zach Duke – From Zero to Movement (2022)

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Speaker: Zach Duke

Organization: Biglife

Seminar Description:
Movement is not something to be managed by our strength, but relationships to be stewarded with God’s love. Learn how to start simple with disciples and churches, grow and build teams that are healthy and multiply, and shepherd the growth as it expands in new places.

This seminar was #4 in a series of 4 on Disciple Making topics.

Speaker's Biography:
Zach Duke is a disciple and lover of Jesus first and foremost. In ministry, Zach serves as Global Catalyst for Biglife, making disciples both at home and across many nations. He is serving with 24:14 as one of the North American Facilitators. Founder of the International Leadership Academy for children. Songwriter and music manager. He and his wife Megan have four children, and they live near Indianapolis, Indiana.