2017 Conference "Justice and the Gospel" – Plenary Speakers Audio Compiliation

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The following is the audio compilation from Missions Fest 2017. Our theme was "Justice and the Gospel".

We looked at Justice as a right relation to God, actively overflowing to self, neighbour, and creation; a foretaste of the flourishing and peace of God's Shalom. We have linked the word justice to the word Gospel in our theme because we believe that the Gospel is more than evangelism. It's the beautiful news that King Jesus rules and reigns, and is redeeming and reconciling all things to himself, including us.

Recorded Sessions

  • Friday evening: Terry LeBlanc & Bob Ekblad - Knowing God as a just God becomes a compelling invitation to participate in the ministry of justice.
  • Saturday morning: Evelyne Reisacher & Brian McConaghy - Beautiful, right relationships between people are a manifestation of justice.
  • Saturday Evening: Will Graham & Brian McConaghy - Sharing Jesus is an act of justice.
  • Sunday Morning: Bob Ekblad & Lorraine Francis - As God's stewards, justice should flow from mankind to all creation.
  • Sunday Afternoon: Terry LeBlanc & Evelyne Reisacher - How to weave justice into the fabric of our lives and build Christ's Kingdom
  • Plus seminars from Terry, Bob, Evelyne, Brian, Will and Lorraine

Speaker Biographies

Bob Ekblad

Bob Ekblad, along with his wife and Gracie, are founders and co-directors of Tierra Nueva in Burlington, Washington. He has been called by God to bring good news of Jesus’ love and Kingdom to the poor and oppressed through respectful presence, liberating Bible study and Spirit-empowered action. His numerous ministry and teaching roles include Sessional Lecturer for Regent College, and serving as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies faculty at The Seattle School and at Westminster Theological Centre in the UK.

Lorraine Francis

"After my dramatic conversion, sensing the call of God to serve the orphans and widows, I became part of Mukti Mission in 1988 along with my husband.  God has now entrusted me with this massive ministry of 1100 children and women that their lives be shaped for eternity.  

"My passion and mission is to be a Voice to the Voiceless, giving justice to the marginalized."

Will Graham

Will Graham travels the world as an evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, while also serving as a vice president for the ministry and as the executive director of The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, N.C. Will and his wife, Kendra, have three children and live in Swannanoa, N.C.

Terry LeBlanc

Terry is Mi’kmaq / Acadian. He and his wife Bev are in their 44th year of marriage. They have three adult children – twin daughters and one son.

In addition to being the Executive Director of Indigenous Pathways, Terry is also the founding Chair and current Director of NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community. Terry holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Asbury Theological Seminary, specializing in Theology and Anthropology.

Terry serves as adjunct professor at George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Oregon, Acadia University and Divinity College in Wolfville, William Carey International University, and Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto, where he also serves as program elder for the University B.Ed. program. Terry has accrued over 38 years of community work in Native North American and global Indigenous contexts including as an educator in theology, cultural anthropology, and community development practice.

Brian McConaghy

Brian McConaghy, founder of Ratanak, is the only member of the RCMP to have smuggled 9 tonnes of medical supplies across international borders to save lives. His life has been an unlikely journey from RCMP Forensic Specialist to acclaimed human trafficking expert, with a life-long commitment to see hope and justice for victims in Cambodia. His story has inspired people around the globe.

Evelyne Reisacher

Evelyne Reisacher is currently associate professor of Islamic studies and intercultural relations at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. She is the author of Joyful Witness in the Muslim World: Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Encounters and continues to write and speak internationally about Muslim-Christian relations, gender in Islam, mission in Muslim context and multicultural relations.